Pros & Cons of Using WordPress for a Small Business

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WordPress is one of the powerful tools for building a website which makes it easy for which is proved to be successful with an idea of little coding. WordPress is useful but considering the size, scope and purpose, it may run into challenges if there is a proficient and professional online presence for the small businesses. 

Pros of using wordpress

Easy to get started

One of the principal benefits of WordPress is that it is easy to get started. Moreover, it does not need a professional web developer. The presence of a little website building knowledge is suitable to make a commendable wordpress website. All you have to do is follow some quick installation guides, theme selection, creating pages, adding blog posts, images, contact forms and other needed information. 

Free Plugins and themes

While using WordPress, you have an option to gain access to an infinite supply of plugins. It also allows access to custom plugins and upload them to their WordPress site. These plugins are mostly free and help to add multi purpose design and functionality to your site. In order to maintain the plugins, these provide frequent updates,fix bugs and help in eliminating security vulnerabilities. These updates improve the site’s performance, improve speed and security.

Endless Customization

Launching a wordpress website includes a variety of free and paid themes. These themes act as a framework in designing your website. Among these, few themes are more thorough and rigid in terms of site structure. However, you can also find themes that serve as a structure that exactly fits to the website. Using a customized theme also requires a lot of development work. However, working on customized themes is often proved to be difficult for beginners.

Easy to update and modify

Now that you know the flexibility of WordPress, it’s time to dig in and figure out how WordPress is simple to update and make changes. A person can easily make changes on his own if have a say over time. It is extremely easy and convenient to add weekly blog posts, update any pages and even add new pages. When you are updating blogs, you can even write directly in the text editor, upload images and post them instantly. 

Exclusive Support

As WordPress is used by millions of people and many businesses globally, there is a presence of endless community support for the common issues that the users often face. If you are facing trouble using a plugin or after installing a theme, online searches provide accurate results. In case of common issues, users will need a forum for discussing the problem which also includes instructions for the fixation requiring a WordPress consultant. 

SEO Foundation

As WordPress provides several plugins, it is a lot easier to make basic On-page SEO easier. These plugins also provide necessary documentation and guidelines that guide your website to score a good SEO. This helps your website to be found easily on search results which will attract high user traffic. 

Cons of using wordpress

Time Consuming

Everything includes a few aspects of the learning curve and so does WordPress. You can rely on the learning platform a bit before trying your hands on WordPress. Though WordPress is the most powerful and convenient tool, it also requires a lot of knowledge and learning. In order to create a well structured WordPress website, the user needs to learn CMS (Content Management Software) before, should be well acquainted of the plugins and themes, and learn best practices of WordPress to build a successful website. Instead of performing and managing on its own you can also hire a professional to manage the company WordPress website which might prove to be expensive. The presence of a good community support also requires long hours of searching for solutions that can be implemented. Most small businesses don’t have enough time to modify their website at daily intervals which is why it is convenient to hire a professional to manage the WordPress website. 

Hosting is a compulsion

Simply WordPress is not like others website builders that bundle their platforms with hosting as it proposes to make it easy for beginners to launch their website. Undoubtedly this ensures convenience but it definitely comes with a cost as these websites are limited in terms of look, functionality and control of the WordPress site. Hosting your site definitely gives you power and full access and control. However, the requirement of hosting is often proved to be a disadvantage of using WordPress for small businesses. 

Maintains a routine work

WordPress websites are easy to maintain but in order to keep it running, it requires proper maintenance. This is especially the case with WordPress websites. This is because all plugins, themes and WordPress itself needs to be updated occasionally. Sometimes, running an update might lead to site breakage which will eventually require more time trying to fix it. This requires proper maintenance work which is often difficult for small business owners. However, the solution to this problem is to use monthly WordPress services like WP Tangerine that keeps the site updated and also contributes to perfect working. 

ECommerce is difficult with WordPress

Even with the presence of uncountable plugins for ECommerce on WordPress, it is recommended to use CMS designed for mainly ECommerce websites which are used for buying and selling goods and services. This is due to the reason as WordPress is limited if you want to add anything, while an actual CMS offers various add-ons and customization. 

However, WordPress is super convenient and easy to use that also ensures timely completion of work. Small businesses often lack time and using a WordPress website is easy for those businesses to save a lot of time and efficiently balance human needs. On the contrary, WordPress website also needs occasional updates and resources to maintain their website to run efficiently. Small businesses also lack to provide essential and routine minimum time and attention due to overload of work which interrupts the design and works feature of their website. 

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