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No matter if it’s a fix or a development task, our team will take care of that.

Services we offer

If you are facing issues with your website and would like to take help from WordPress experts, we are round the clock working to provide you with commendable services. We extended our services to new as well as existing customers.

WP Speed Optimization​

Our team sets up the speed of the website by identifying and removing bottlenecks. It also specializes in carrying out several optimization measures. Speed optimization is important as it boosts site conversions as users demand a fast-loading website.​

Hack Removal​

If you have your WordPress website hacked, what to do next is a very important step to make. Our team deals with solving hacking issues and possesses the necessary expertise. This is to ensure that your website restores on time. This also maintains the reputation of your website.​

Website Restore​

Facing an issue with your website? Our team helps customers to save changes as they work. It automatically contributes to backup in case of major changes such as changing your theme, publishing your site, or deleting a section. This helps to save potential time and effort. ​

Minor Works

Minor HTML, CSS, work

Website Migration ​

Facing issues with your hosting provider or would like to migrate your website to a different server. Our team can help to migrate the website, with little to no downtime. Just provide us with login access, and we will do the rest. This provides a better user experience.​

Content Updates​

We help our clients to update their content and images on their websites. Updating content helps to get better results in terms of better search rankings, more links, more traffic, social shares, and discovering new customers. This helps in establishing a potential image for your brand. ​

Bug Fixes

Is your website hit by a bug or is facing errors and you want to resolve it? Our team fixes such issues and bugs within a minimal period. We fix all types of bugs in WordPress which helps in maintaining efficiency. This protects the website from a situation that can hamper the websites image.

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